LIVE is where we become like Jesus. We share in community and become intentional about our discipleship. There is no greater life than to LIVE in Jesus!The House - a Local Church


Every Sunday

We want to create every opportunity for community at The House!

So, during the Teen Hour and TreeHouse Kids! Hour, there is a Coffee Hour for everyone else.

Arrive at 9:30am each Sunday for free coffee in our lobby.

You never know who you might meet or what relationships might begin when you show up just a little bit early before worship.

See you then!


8 Weeks Seasonally
– February/March
– June/July
– October/November

Community Tables are one of the best ways to deepen relationships at The House.

You’ll make friends for a lifetime and become more like Jesus.

You’ll have dinner, free flowing conversation integrated with our blueprint of discipleship to build your faith in Jesus , with no homework or no long-term commitment.

Email for more info or to Sign Up Now.

Find Our Books Online

We Have Two Books

1. Our Local Book
We give this book to every new guest at The House. You can find it on Amazon here or join us on a Sunday morning for your free copy!

2. The BluePrint
Our Lead Pastor, Gregg Hampton, has written a short book for your personal discipleship and growth.

It is available here on Amazon, or you we often give free copies to those at The House wanting to build their faith.  Join us sometime and feel free to ask for a copy.