REST is first

REST comes first because we can’t save ourselves. We are invited into the presence of God our heavenly father by grace through faith. We are welcomed to receive rest from Jesus as we lay our heaviness and weariness upon him.The House - a Local Church

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What comes first in our relationships with God?

You might be surprised by the answer!

Join us for the month of January as we explore what it means to rest with God, and why rest is important to your relationship with God and others.

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Our Discipleship Plan

The BluePrint is our discipleship plan.

We’ve probably all heard that we’re supposed to be disciples, but we don’t all know what that means. The BluePrint gives us direction for every day, how to be shaped into the likeness of Jesus, and be His disciple.

Following a repeatable 8-week pattern, the BluePrint is divided into 8 “pages” or focal points to easily guide us in how to be like Jesus: REST, LIVE, Abide, Obey, Listen, Practice, Forgive, and WORK

There are also 64 bible verses to read throughout the 8-week pattern you can find HERE.

If you’ve been to The House on a Sunday, you probably already have our free book. In it, you’ll find all of the BluePrint scriptures and focuses for everyday. If you haven’t been a guest at the House, click here to get the book on Amazon.

Our Lead Pastor, Gregg Hampton, has also written a short book on The BluePrint for your personal spiritual growth available here.