Is Treehouse fun?

Kids just want to have fun right?


TreeHouse makes learning about God and connecting with friends fun!

Why Bring My Kids?

Parents are called by God to raise their kids to know God!

Our Call

The church is called to assist you in raising your kids to love God!

Is it safe?

Kids experience more than ever and we might wonder sometimes just what we can do to help them.

Guard their Hearts

All of our TreeHouse staff are background checked and trained to work with your kids!

Kids are so important to us here at The House!

Why? Because Matthew 19:14, and many other bible verses, shows us kids are important to Jesus!

So every week we want your kids to climb into God’s great story!

Your kids will meet new friends and learn new stories from the bible in a safe, clean, and FUN environment!

The stories and themes of God’s great storybook will be brought to life in meaningful and memorable ways for your kids.

And we believe what your kids learn in the TreeHouse will stay with them throughout the adventure of the rest of their lives!

If you have any questions about our kids environment feel free to email me at

Cyndi Hampton
TreeHouse Kids Director