WORK is last but not least. In our work, we offer rest and life to others. But we can’t offer something we have not yet received. The House - a Local Church

We don’t have volunteers.

We have the FrameWork!

The FrameWork is made up of all the people that hold The House together. We’re on a Godly foundation and we’re working together to build a great house for us all to REST, LIVE and WORK in.

If it weren’t for the FrameWork, we wouldn’t be able to offer an environment for prodigals to come home and the spiritually homeless to be adopted in. The FrameWork is essential.

You can be a part of the FrameWork as well. Email us and we’ll get you connected to the right team, doing good WORK for the sake of city in the name of God.

We believe in making an impact that’s local and at the same time in line with why we exist.

We exist to call prodigals home and adopt the spiritually homeless. So we make every effort to care for the least among us in our city: foster kids.

If you’d like more info on how we care for foster kids and the foster care system, or would like to give of your time or finances toward our efforts, please contact us.

“God makes a home for the lonely.” Psalms 68:6a